• Lady Dragon

    Barren Fruitful Wiki

    March 20, 2011 by Lady Dragon

    Felicitous salutations, e'eryone who's decided t'read my first wiki blog! Though there's presently hardly a soul in sight, I feel that this wiki already is quite bountiful with Militarus's copious contributions t'the Wiki.

    There's a blatant contrast between the media within this guild with my previous RuneScape clan:

    Though I suppose that my RuneScape clan does possess a website and such, 'tis seldom updated. I understand that the leader is often very busy (which would truly hinder regular updates and news), but there is a fraction of the news where 'tis exulting o'er our two year anniversary, and then our third year anniversary following right after.

    ...'Twould appear that Militarus, on the other hand, actually *enjoys* writing. Improving ou…

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